Patchnotes Rubinum

  • Changelog 3.11.0

    Razador Rework

    Stage 1 - Kill all Monsters


    Stage 2 - Golden Wheel Change

    Now spawns a Metin stone which can be damaged until 75%, 50%, 25%. Kill Monsters to continue

    Stage 3 - Kill all Monsters


    Stage 4 - Ignator


    Stage 5 - Maat Stone

    100% drop of one Maat Stone once the stage is cleared, you can drag the stone on ANY seal stone (100% success chance). Monsters respawn after seal stone is used. Repeat until all Seals are gone!

    Stage 6 - Metin


    PS. The order of the stages remains random of course!

    Nemere Rework

    Stage 1 - Kill all Monsters


    Stage 2 - Key stage 1

    Now spawns 4 Metin Stones which you need to defeat

    Stage 3 - Kill all Monsters


    Stage 4 - Kill all Monsters twice

    Removed second spawn wave.

    Stage 5 - Cube Stage

    You drop one Star afer killing 50% of all monsters, you can drag the Star on any cube (100% success chance). Repeat until all Cubes are gone!

    Stage 6 - Metin of Cold


    Stage 7 - Szel Stage


    Stage 8 - Key stage 2

    Kill Szel again

    Stage 9 - Nemere's Seal


  • New:
    - Lyrium now dropps Soulstone of Wisdom (100% S2, 66% S1)
    - Jotun now dropps 2x Soulstone of Wisdom (S1 Only!)
    - Added new Skill stage (S - Sage Skills) for your 6 "main" skills (P1, P2, P3, ..., P20, S)
    - Jotun Thrym chest now contains Angel and Devil Wings
    - You can only combine Angel with Angel and Devil with Devil wings (S2 only)

    Skill Changes
    - Slightly increased Monster bonus of Berserk
    - Fear no longer grants Strong against Monster
    - Enchanted Armor now grants Strong against Monster (switched from Fear)
    - Enchanted Armor no longer grants reflect
    - Reflect buff no longer grants reflect
    - Reflect now grants Skill Damage reduction
    - Increased Cooldown and damage of Summon Lightning
    - Increased Cooldown and damage of Dragon's Roar
    - Slightly increased damage of Flying Talisman, Shooting Dragon

    Special S Skills effect
    You can now customize your skill colors once your skill reaches the Sage level (changed Buff colors do not apply to other players)
    Strong Body S grants 10% Strong against Half Humans (Passiv)
    Attack+ S grants 10% Strong against Half Humans (Passiv, does not apply to other characters)
    Reflect S grants 10% Strong against Half Humans (Passiv, does not apply to other characters)
    Stealth S no longer has an animation (instant invis)

    - Tree Emerald removed from Wukong/Lyrium and Jotun Thrym Chest
    - Lyrium no longer drops Equipment Design
    - Fixed some collisions in Dayemi, also update the Map slightly
    - Fixed some collisions in Meley
    - War Manu/Battle Manni Metin/Monster Bonus increased by 5%
    - removed monster aggro of all monster in: Grotto 1/2, Temple of Ochao and Enchanted Forest


    - Resolved possible issue in Nemere Stage 6

  • Changelog 3.12.0

    - Added different Events, Chests and Items requiered for the Spring Events
    - It's now possible to swap both Pets and Mounts using rMOUSE (1sec. cooldown, you need to unmount first)
    - Added the /help command
    - Added a Wiki Button to the Minimap
    - You can now also use the Chest Preview in crafting windows
    - You can now use the Preview Tool (for Pets, Mounts, etc.) for Items inside the Chest preview tool
    - Added new Hwang Temple map

    - Adjusted Ice Witch spawn announcement
    - Increased range of Bravery Cape (almost doubled)
    - Characters Lv 100-120 cannot be deleted anymore
    - Adjusted the ban reason popup window (added Discord link)
    - Talisman resistance capped to +25% (at +25)
    - Corrected price of Lv. 41 Shaman helmet (Server 2)
    - Replaced Anit EXP Ring at general store with the correct one
    - Increased price of Green Dragon Bean to 5 Cor Draconis (Server 2)
    - Increased price of Elixier of Time (k) to 30 Cor Draconis (Server 2)
    - Replaced and renamed monsters inside Ludba/Dopz dungeon
    - Added drops to Metin of Fire (Razador) and Metin of Cold (Nemere)
    - Added drops to Igantor (Razador) and Szel (Nemere)
    - Adjusted Cog Wheel Stage (Razador) less Monster closer together
    - Added Ignator to Cog Wheel Stage (Razador) for more loot
    - Removed Yang drop from Ignail Metin Stones (Stage 1 only)
    - Added drops to all dungeon Metin Stones and Bosses (Server 1)
    - Updated Map of Grotto of Exile 1/2

    - Sash damage is now calculated for arrows as well (Archers might be overpowered after this patch, adjustment will be included in upcoming patch)
    - Fixed a bug about Guild Icons synchronization between Server 1 & Server 2
    - Enchanted Blade/Aura of Sword cannot be casted anymore if the player has no weapon equipped
    - Fixed a visual bug regading projected weapons
    - Fixed buggy mounts (monsters not loading)

  • Changelog 3.12.1

    - adjusted drop mechanic (no difference for players) - meley fastest dungeon
    - resetted fastes dungeon for Razador/Nemere
    - Added 5 seconds cooldown for weapon skin switching - Berserk and Enchanted Armor now grant +5% Strong against Metin Stones once on S lvl - You can now transmute event hairstyles - Increased duration of event hairstyles to 14 days - It is now possible to trade flowers +0
    - Corrected enlightend fan weapon skin
    - You cannot drop sell or trade North and Maat stones anymore - Resolved invisible monster issue (caused by bravery cape changes)